One and Triune God

The Council of Nicaea

Now that we have spent a while with the Gospel of John, we are ready to turn to the Church’s magisterial meditation on God’s revelation. We begin Arius, an Alexandrian priest who thought it impious to say that the Son of God is co-eternal with the Father. Our reading includes two small texts from Arius […]

One and Triune God

An Introduction to the Gospel of John

Until recently, we have focused on how philosophy can prepare the way for revelation.  Now we have turned to revelation itself, and principally the Gospel of John, on our way to a consideration of the Trinity.  In this lecture, I offer a general introduction to John’s Gospel that should complement what we have been doing […]

One and Triune God, Class 10

Compendium Chapters 32-36

This will be our last class on the Compendium for a number of weeks. Last class we spoke about why the word “intelligent” or “intellect” can be said of God, and this time we follow it up with intellect’s inevitable companion:  will. Because there was a lot of confusion about the notion of “intellect,” and […]