One and Triune God, Class 8

Compendium Chapters 24-27

In this reading we broach the very difficult question of whether we can talk about God at all. Given that we have three more years of Theology ahead of us in the curriculum, one hopes so. And yet the Church’s own councils have spoken of God as “ineffable” and “incomprehensible”; the Fourth Lateran Council declared […]

One and Triune God, Class 7

Compendium Chapters 21-23

Last class we began to think about the infinity of God’s perfection. This time we round out our meditation by considering what perfections are found in God, and how. I’ve created a short audio recording covering all three chapters, but I hope it will be helpful. Click here to download or listen straight from this website […]

One and Triune God, Class 6

Compendium Chapters 18-20

When we covered these chapters in class, I was tired and unclear. Students were heroic and energetic, eagerly pursuing the new realms of hamster deities and pop-tart cats, but the first two sections were a bit like a ship without a captain. Several of you asked me to record something about the two meanings of […]

One and Triune God, Class 5

Compendium Chapters 12-17

Our assignment for today covers many chapters, but they are short and many of them similar in structure. The high point of the reading is when we conclude that God is one, which is also the central teaching of the Old Testament. But like the Old Testament, our Compendium reading takes on a journey from […]