One and Triune God, Class 20

Compendium Chapters 37-40

Having learned what the Church teaches about the Trinity, now we turn back to St. Thomas Aquinas for help understanding that teaching.  Aquinas will offer us a theoretical model for thinking about the Trinity, and our task will be to test his model against both the magisterium and Scripture.  A good model should not only be compatible with the sources, but should predict both what they say and how they say it.

In just under 15 minutes, I talk through what we should expect from such theoretical models, and how we can and can’t “prove” the Trinity from reason.  I also point out a translation error in our text–my fault, since I was supposed to correct the text last year.  But as always, you can get the very latest version of the text at  Right-click here to download the lecture, or listen using the audio player below.


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