The One and Triune God, Class 2

Compendium Chapters 4-6

Our class session will start with more time on chapter 3.  However, chapters 4-6 begin the exciting work of saying what this “first mover” is really like.  We’ll start with one of the strangest and yet most important claims, namely that God is immobile, and move on to a new way of thinking about being […]

Class 1: Follow-up

Nailing down the argument

What a great start to the semester!  We made great progress toward spelling out the syllogisms in Compendium chapter 3.  Each section found a slightly different way to present the arguments, but to help everyone consolidate their notes, I want type out one version of what was said. Syllogisms in Chapter 3 The argument will unfold in two […]

The One and Triune God, Class 1

Compendium Chapters 1-3

Welcome back, Wyoming Catholic College sophomores!  This year, I’m going to do something a little different with our “Mystery of the Trinity” course:  each chapter from Aquinas’s Compendium of Theology will have an audio companion on this website, to help you dig deeper and prepare better for our seminar sessions.  And since all of the Compendium readings […]