One and Triune God, Class 20

Compendium Chapters 37-40

Having learned what the Church teaches about the Trinity, now we turn back to St. Thomas Aquinas for help understanding that teaching.  Aquinas will offer us a theoretical model for thinking about the Trinity, and our task will be to test his model against both the magisterium and Scripture.  A good model should not only […]

One and Triune God, Class 8

Compendium Chapters 24-27

In this reading we broach the very difficult question of whether we can talk about God at all. Given that we have three more years of Theology ahead of us in the curriculum, one hopes so. And yet the Church’s own councils have spoken of God as “ineffable” and “incomprehensible”; the Fourth Lateran Council declared […]

The One and Triune God, Class 1

Compendium Chapters 1-3

Welcome back, Wyoming Catholic College sophomores!  This year, I’m going to do something a little different with our “Mystery of the Trinity” course:  each chapter from Aquinas’s Compendium of Theology will have an audio companion on this website, to help you dig deeper and prepare better for our seminar sessions.  And since all of the Compendium readings […]