One and Triune God, Class 9

Chapters 28-31

After all this build-up, we finally get to say something that feels very basic: God is intelligent. But by now we have learned how careful we have to be when we apply a name to God. Watch Aquinas go through the three steps:  first, we find a perfection in creatures that seems applicable to God by analogy; second, we negate various imperfections incidentally attached to the word; lastly, we apply the word to God, but with the understanding that this perfection is in God more eminently than we grasp.

As a follow-up to our previous class and an introduction to this assignment, I have created an audio lecture on “modes of signifying”. Download that here or listen via the audio player below. And of course I have a few comments on our reading, which you can download here or access below.



For the “modes of signifying,” listen here:

For the comments on chapters 28-31, listen here:

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