One and Triune God, Class 8

Compendium Chapters 24-27

In this reading we broach the very difficult question of whether we can talk about God at all. Given that we have three more years of Theology ahead of us in the curriculum, one hopes so. And yet the Church’s own councils have spoken of God as “ineffable” and “incomprehensible”; the Fourth Lateran Council declared that “between Creator and creature no similitude can be expressed without implying an even greater dissimilitude.” Before we say much more about God, we need to pause and ask: how do we say anything?

The audio for this class is about 16 minutes long. It does not walk through the argument of each chapter but rather offers some further distinctions and definitions that will be helpful to us in seeing the implications of the chapters.  Download the audio here (right-click and choose “Save as…”) or listen directly from this website using the audio player below.



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